Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Blogshpere

For 45 years I was inside a fundigelical cult known as The Church of the Nazarene. I am embarrassed to say that it took me that long to realize that it was all built on an intellectual vacuum and emotional manipulation -- especially fear. Fear is a funny thing. It morphs. If it always manifested itself as recognizable fear, it might be easier to see and deal with more efficiently. But it disguises itself as many other things. Worse, it can protects itself by taking control of the intellect and cranking out what seem like logical, intellectual reasons to behave as the fear dictates. The power of instilling fear of a mind reading, rage-aholic sky pixie and the threat of an eternity in hell for pissing him off over the slightest thing is stupendous and breaking free from it is very hard.

But I made it! I am finally free. I no longer feel even the slightest pangs of fear of the monstrous totalitarian sky pixie and his fiery dungeon.

I intend to use this blog to discuss religion -- particularly christianity and the bible -- and current events related to religion and the separation of church and state. Sometimes seriously. Sometimes ranting. Sometimes sarcastically and with ridicule.

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